Novel Target and Lead Packages for Diverse Indications

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To facilitate the rapid progression of novel new drugs into clinical trials, our group focuses on new mechanistic studies and lead compound development necessary for the initial phases of drug development. We work on key facets of drug development that include mechanistic studies disease indications, clinical validations, structural analyses, and biomarkers for lead compound development.


Devices, Kits and Instruments with Smart, Accurate, Fast, Economic Technologies

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A key element of biotechnology development is the development of technology to increase the productivity of drug development. Among our product offerings, we have developed instruments can accurately analyze protein interactions, that facilitate antibody development, provide live imaging of disease detection and offer 3D culture analysis. We have additional capacity in new biochip products.


One Stop Solution for Experimental Needs

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Biocon is committed to assimilating institutional infrastructure and knowhow so that we can effectively support and service Korean research groups or companies in new drug research. A key Biocon offering is a “One Stop Solution” that offers a broad selection of key drug development services, including the creation of novel proteins and antibodies, protein purification, dielectric, proteomics and 2D and 3D cell culture. We offer additional services in genetically modified animal models, drug potency checks of patient samples using mouse, bioanalysis, analysis of molecular binding using SPR. Finally, we can offer Biobank and inventory services.


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