Antibody Library Panning at Biocon: Solution for fully human antibody generation

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Technology Description and Features

OPAL library

  • Fully synthetic, human scFv library with six diversified CDRs
  • CDR diversification by degenerate oligonucleotides, reflecting naturally occurring amino acids at each position
  • Single framework design for easy sequence manipulation, uniformly high expression level and stability
  • Validated on 100s of antigens: proteins, peptides, and small molecules
  • In active use by >20 labs and companies

OPAL-S Library

  • Fully synthetic, human scFv library with improved CDR design
  • Non-combinatorial CDR diversity designed to emulate naturally produced CDR sequences
  • Higher humanness of CDR sequences compared to conventionally designed libraries
  • Better developability without undesirable PTM motifs
  • Validated by NGS and panning against multiple antigens


  • Utilization of two highly functional libraries for successful antibody isolation
  • Parellel panning on same targets using multiple panning strategies maximizes the clonal diversity
  • Panning on passively adsorbed or biotinylated antigens, whole cells expressing membrane protein antigen, etc.
  • Antigen design based on target structure, desired epitope, and antigenicity
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