Art, Science, and Climate Adventures in Asia

Art, Science, and Climate Adventures in Asia

* Guest post by IFTF Artist in Residence Catherine Sarah Young

It’s been four months since The Apocalypse Project: House of Futures was launched at IFTF’s Future Gallery. Since the launch, I flew back to Asia to keep working on the project and also to see how the climate change discussion was happening in other cities in the world.

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Bio-Art Seoul

For most of November, I was in South Korea. It’s always great to be back in Seoul, this time for a bio-art exhibition held at the Gwacheon National Science Museum.

Curated by Arthur Clay and presented by BioCon Research Laboratories, Seoulin Bioscience Co., and Digital Art Weeks International, Bio-Art Seoul 2015 was centered around the theme of “Sustainability: Abundance of Life”, and featured local and international artists. I was there to present the second volume of The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store, a perfume line of scents we could lose in the natural world because of climate change. This collection was inspired from my childhood growing up in the Philippines, and featured the following scents: The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store: A Walk Home has these eight scents: Recess, A Chinese Apothecary, Time with My Mom, Swimming Lessons, Wild Grass, Manila Sunsets, Carnival, and Moments of Solitude.

During the exhibition, it was fascinating to see families and especially children smell the perfumes and be excited about it, considering the grim scenario of the project. I am a huge advocate of science museums as agencies of awareness and change, and using interactive experiences as inclusive ways to disseminate information and engage audiences.

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