Trends in the global immuno-oncology landscape

Jun Tang, Laura Pearce, Jill O’Donnell-Tormey & Vanessa M. Hubbard-Lucey
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery volume 17, pages 783–784 (2018)

The approval of ipilimumab in 2011 to treat melanoma marked the beginning of the cancer immunotherapy revolution, which has progressively changed the paradigm of cancer care in recent years. Since then, 11 new cancer immunotherapies have been approved, and these new therapies have quickly become the standard of care for many cancer types.

To inform the cancer immunotherapy community of the advances in the rapidly evolving field, the Cancer Research Institute, a nonprofit group dedicated to research in cancer immunotherapy for more than 65 years, conducted a comprehensive survey of the global immuno-oncology (IO) landscape in September 2017 (Ann. Oncol. 29, 84–89; 2017). One year later, in September 2018, we have conducted another landscape survey. In this report, we compare the two surveys and provide longitudinal analyses of the evolution of the global IO landscape.

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