SNU-Riken Poster presentation

Attach File : 20120706113602snunami5_1_1video/mp4

SNU-Riken  Poster presentation2012.5.18남이섬 명강홀

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연구단 이진영 박사과정 학생이 10월 6일~11일 일본 하코네에서 열린 AARS 2013에서 Oral Presentation Award를 수상하였습니다.발표 제목은 Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase-mediated Misacylation as a ...
2012.05.17 / 2012 The 2nd SNU-RIKEN Workshop
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SNU-RIKEN workshop (5. 17~18, Nami island)
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This coming may 17th to 18th, a workshop with Japan physico-chemistry lab (RIKEN) will be held in Nami island. The workshop is about "Discovering new ...

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