옛날 옛적에 AIMP2라는 재능 많고 착한 소년이 살았습니다.  난소세포 안, 단백질 합성 효소들이 모여 사는 MSC 마을에서 소년은 단백질 합성 효소들을 도우며 즐겁게 지내고 있었습니다 #단백질합성효소: aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. 아미노산을...

Fuel Lines of Tumors Are New Target For the last decade cancer drug developers have tried to jam the accelerators that cause tumors to grow. Now they want to...

Target selection in drug discovery, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 2, 63-69, January 2003. 2003 – Target Selection in Drug Discovery.pdf Validating cancer drug targets, Nature, 441:451-456, 25 May 2006. 2006...


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