(재)의약바이오컨버전스연구단 단장 김성훈 교수님과 자문위원 Thomas X Neenan, Robert E Burrier 께서 그동안 연구단을 거쳐간, 그리고 현재 연구단에 있는 모든 구성원 분들, 외부 PI 분들의 수많은 노력을 정리하여 Nature...

Dr. Myung Hee Kim wrote a paper entitled “The structural basis of the negative regulation of thioredoxin by thioredoxin-interacting protein”. The paper got an approval to be published in Nature...

Dae Gyu Kim and Jin Young Lee wrote a paper entitled “Chemical inhibition of prometastatic lysyl-tRNA synthetase-laminin receptor interaction”. The paper got an approval to be published in Nature Chemical...

Halofuginone was used in a clinical trial for cancer and fibrotic diseases.  It was found to bind to tRNA and  it targets the active site of PRS and regulates...

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