Category Subject Vol.(No.) Pages Authors Journal Year
Practical Business Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase is a Useful Diagnostic Marker for Lymph Node Metastasis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 60(11) 1005-1012 Jung Mo Lee, Taehee Kim, Eun Young Kim, Arum Kim, Dong Ki Lee, Nam Hoon Kwon, Sunghoon Kim, Yoon Soo Chang Yonsei Medical Journal 20191101
Practical Business Matrix Metalloproteinases Inactivate the Proinflammatory Functions of Secreted Moonlighting tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase. 294(35) 12866-12879 Parker G Jobin, Nestor Solis, Yoan Machado, Peter A Bell, Nam Hoon Kwon, Sunghoon Kim, Christopher M Overall, Georgina S Butler The Journal of biological chemistry. 20190830
Practical Business Implementation of Web-based High-Throughput Screening Calculation System 46(3) 260-267 Seong-ho Cho, Inhee Kim, Jiwon Kong, Daesan Kim, Namhoon Kwon, Robert E. Burrier, Sunghoon Kim Journal of KIISE 20190315
Practical Business Stabilization of cyclin dependent kinase 4 by methionyl-tRNA synthetase in p16INK4a-negative cancer in press Kwon, Nam Hoon; Lee , Jin Young; Ryu, Ye-lim ; Kim, Chanhee ; Kong, Jiwon ; Oh , Seongeun ; Kang, Beom Sik; Ahn , Hye Won ; Ahn , Sung Gwe; Jeong , Joon ; Kim , Hoi Kyoung ; Kim , Jong Hyun ; Han , Dae Young ; PARK, MIN CHUL; Kim , Doyeun ; Takase , Ryuichi ; Masuda , Isao ; Hou, Ya-Ming ; Jang , Sung Ill ; Chang , Yoon Soo ; Lee , Dong Ki ; Kim, Youngeun ; Wang , Ming-Wei ; Basappa, Kim, Sunghoon ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science 20180421
Practical Business Transfer-RNA-mediated enhancement of ribosomal proteins S6 kinases signalling for cell proliferation. 15(4-5) 635-648 Nam Hoon Kwon, Mi Ran Lee, Jiwon Kong, Seung Kyun Park, Byung Joon Hwang, Byung Gyu Kim, Eun-Shin Lee, Hyeong-Gon Moon & Sunghoon Kim RNA biology 20170817


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