Category Subject Vol.(No.) Pages Authors Journal Year
Target ID The crystal structure of arginyl-tRNA synthetase from Homo sapiens. 588(14) 2328-2334 Hyun Sook Kim, So Young Cha, Chang Hwa Jo, Ahreum Han, Kwang Yeon Hwang FEBS Letters 20140727
Target ID The structural basis for the negative regulation of thioredoxin by thioredoxin-interacting protein. 5 2958 Jungwon Hwang, Hyun-Woo Suh, Young Ho Jeon, Eunha Hwang, Loi T. Nguyen, Jeonghun Yeom, Seung-Goo Lee, Cheolju Lee, Kyung Jin Kim, Beom Sik Kang, Jin-Ok Jeong, Tae-Kwang Oh, Inpyo Choi, Jie-Oh Lee, Myung Hee Kim Nature Communications 20140106
Target ID Crystal structure of human cytosolic aspartyl-tRNA synthetase, a component of multi-tRNA synthetase complex. 81(10) 1840-1846 Kyung Rok Kim, Sang Ho Park, Hyoun Sook Kim, Kyung Hee Rhee, Byung-Gyu Kim, Dae Gyu Kim, Mi Seul Park, Hyun-Jung Kim, Sunghoon Kim, Byung Woo Han Proteins 20131001
Target ID Structural insights into the regulation of sialic acid catabolism by the Vibrio vulnificus transcriptional repressor NanR. 110(30) E2829-37 Jungwon Hwang, Byoung Sik Kim, Song Yee Jang, Jong Gyu Lim, Dong-Ju You, Hyun Suk Jung, Tae-Kwang Oh, Jie-Oh Lee, Sang Ho Choi, Myung Hee Kim Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20130723
Target ID The diagnostic utility of the GNAS mutation in patients with fibrous dysplasia: meta-analysis of 168 sporadic cases. 43(8) 1234-1242 Seung Eun Lee, Eun Hee Lee, Heejung Park, Ji-Youn Sung, Hyoun Wook Lee, So Young Kang, Sungwook Seo, Byung Heon Kim, Hyojin Lee, An Na Seo, Geunghwan Ahn, Yoon-La Choi Human Pathology 20120801
Target ID Expression profiling of more than 3500 proteins of MSS-type colorectal cancer by stable isotope labeling and mass spectrometry. 75(10) 3050-3062 Un-Beam Kang, Jeonghun Yeom, Hye-Jung Kim, Hoguen Kim, Cheolju Lee Journal of Proteomics 20120606
Target ID Discovery of ALK-PTPN3 gene fusion from human non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line using next generation RNA sequencing. 51(6) 590-597 Yeonjoo Jung, Pora Kim, Yeonhwa Jung, Juhee Keum, Soon-Nam Kim, Yong Soo Choi, In-Gu Do, Jinseon Lee, So-Jung Choi, Sujin Kim, Jong-Eun Lee, Jhingook Kim, Sanghyuk Lee, Jaesang Kim Genes Chromosomes Cancer 20120601
Target ID Mutated IDH1 is a favorable prognostic factor for type 2 gliomatosis cerebri. 22(3) 307-317 Mi Jung Kwon, Sung Tae Kim, Mi Jeong Kwon, Doo-Sik Kong, Dageun Lee, Sanghui Park, So Young Kang, Ji-Young Song, Do-Hyun Nam, Yukinari Kato, Yoon-La Choi, Yeon-Lim Suh Brain Pathology 20120501
Target ID A prognostic model for lymph node-negative breast cancer patients based on the integration of proliferation and immunity. 132(2) 499-509 Ensel Oh, Yoon-La Choi, Taesung Park, Seungyeoun Lee, Seok Jin Nam, Young Kee Shin Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 20120401
Target ID Chemical modulators working at pharmacological interface of target proteins. 20(6) 1893-1901 Young Ho Jeon, Jin Young Lee, Sunghoon Kim Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 20120315
Target ID Crystal structure of the NurA-dAMP-Mn2+ complex. 40(5) 2258-2570 Jina Chae, Young Chang Kim, Yunje Cho Nucleic Acids Research 20120301
Target ID Clinical significance of CD151 overexpression in subtypes of invasive breast cancer. 106(5) 923-930 Kwon MJ, Park S, Choi JY, Oh E, Kim YJ, Park YH, Cho EY, Kwon MJ, Nam SJ, Im YH, Shin YK, Choi YL British Journal of Cancer 20120228
Target ID Mechanism of anchoring of OmpA protein to the cell wall peptidoglycan of the gram-negative bacterial outer membrane. 26(1) 219-228 Jeong Soon Par, Woo Cheol Lee, Kwon Joo Yeo, Kyoung-Seok Ryu, Malika Kumarasiri, Dusan Hesek, Mijoon Lee, Shahriar Mobashery, Jung Hyun Song, Seung Il Kim, Je Chul Lee, Chaejoon Cheong, Young Ho Jeon, Hye-Yeon Kim FASEB Journal 20120101
Target ID Structural and functional characterization of Helicobacter pylori DsbG. 585(24) 3862-3867 Ji Young Yoon, Jieun Kim, Sang Jae Lee, Hyoun Sook Kim, Ha Na Im, Hye-Jin Yoon, Kyoung Hoon Kim, Soon-Jong Kim, Byung Woo Han, Se Won Suh FEBS Lett 20111215
Target ID Benzothiazole-containing hydroxamic acids as histone deacetylase inhibitors and antitumor agents. 21(24) 7509-7512 Dao Thi Kim Oanh, Hoang Van Hai, Sang Ho Park, Hyun-Jung Kim, Byung-Woo Han, Hyung-Sook Kim, Jin-Tae Hong, Sang-Bae Han, Van Thi My Hue, Nguyen-Hai Nam Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 20111215
Target ID Survival and differentiation of mammary epithelial cells in mammary gland development require nuclear retention of Id2 due to RANK signaling. 31(23) 4775-4788 Nam-Shik Kim, Hyoung-Tai Kim, Min-Chul Kwon, Suk-Won Choi, Yoon-Young Kim, Ki-Jun Yoon, Bon-Kyoung Koo, Myung-Phil Kong, Juhee Shin, Yunje Cho, Young-Yun Kong Molecular and Cellular Biology 20111201
Target ID Bilateral inhibition of HAUSP deubiquitinase by a viral interferon regulatory factor protein. 18(12) 1336-1344 Hye-Ra Lee, Won-Chan Choi, Stacy Lee, Jungwon Hwang, Eunha Hwang, Koushik Guchhait, Juergen Haas, Zsolt Toth, Young Ho Jeon, Tae-Kwang Oh, Myung Hee Kim, Jae U Jung Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 20111106
Target ID Crystal structure of Arabidopsis thaliana 12-oxophytodienoate reductase isoform 3 in complex with 8-iso prostaglandin A(1). 79(11) 3236-41 Byung Woo Han, Thomas E. Malone, Do Jin Kim, Craig A. Bingman, Hyun-Jung Kim, Brian G. Fox, George N. Phillips Jr Proteins 20111101
Target ID Crystal structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv3168: a putative aminoglycoside antibiotics resistance enzyme. 79(10) 2983-2987 Sangwoo Kim, Chi My Thi Nguyen, Eun-Jung Kim, Kyung-Jin Kim Proteins 20111001
Target ID Overexpression, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the C-terminal cytosolic domain of mouse anoctamin 1. 67(Pt 10) 1250-1252 Sang Ho Park, Ho Kyung Chung, Do Jin Kim, Mi Ra Han, Mi Seul Park, Uhtaek Oh, Hyun-Jung Kim, Byung Woo Han Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 20111001
Target ID Crystal structure of the Mre11-Rad50-ATPγS complex: understanding the interplay between Mre11 and Rad50. 25(10) 1091-1104 Hye Seong Lim, Jin Seok Kim, Young Bong Park, Gwang Hyeon Gwon, Yunje Cho Genes & Development 20110515
Target ID Solution structure of the Zbeta domain of human DNA-dependent activator of IFN-regulatory factors and its binding modes to B- and Z-DNAs. 108(17) 6921-6926 Kyungmin Kim, Bulat I. Khayrutdinov, Chung-Kyung Lee, Hae-Kap Cheong, Sung Wook Kang, Hyejin Park, Sangho Lee, Yang-Gyun Kim, JunGoo Jee, Alexander Rich, Kyeong Kyu Kim, Young Ho Jeon Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20110426
Target ID DDS, 4,4′-diaminodiphenylsulfone, extends organismic lifespan. 107(45) 19326-19331 Sung Chun Cho, Moon Cheol Park, Bhumsuk Keam, Jung Min Choi, Yunje Cho, Soonsil Hyun, Sang Chul Park, Junho Lee Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20101109


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