Category Subject Vol.(No.) Pages Authors Journal Year
Integration Core Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Arylsulfonamides as AIMP2-DX2 Inhibitors for the Development of a Novel Anticancer Therapy 63(10) 5139-5158 Aneesh Sivaraman, Dae Gyu Kim, Deepak Bhattarai, Minkyoung Kim, Hwa Young Lee, Semi Lim, Jiwon Kong, Ja-Il Goo, Seunghwan Shim, Seungbeom Lee, Young-Ger Suh, Yongseok Choi, Sunghoon Kim, Kyeong Lee Journal of medicinal chemistry 20200528
Integration Core An Isoform of the Oncogenic Splice Variant AIMP2-DX2 Detected by a Novel Monoclonal Antibody 10(6) E820 Dae Gyu Kim, Thi Thu Ha Nguyen, Nam Hoon Kwon, Junsik Sung, Semi Lim, Eun-Joo Kang, Jihye Lee, Woo Young Seo, Arum Kim, Yoon Soo Chang, Hyunbo Shim, Sunghoon Kim Biomolecules. 20200527
Integration Core Endogenous TLR2 Ligand Embedded in the Catalytic Region of Human cysteinyl-tRNA Synthetase 1 8(1) e000277 Seongmin Cho, Sang Bum Kim, Youngjin Lee, Ee Chan Song, Uijoo Kim, Hyeong Yun Kim, Ji Hun Suh, Peter C Goughnour, YounHa Kim, Ina Yoon, Na Young Shin, Doyeun Kim, Il-Kyu Kim, Chang-Yuil Kang, Song Yee Jang, Myung Hee Kim, Sunghoon Kim Journal for immunotherapy of cancer. 20200508
Integration Core Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multi-functional protein, p43, is imported to endothelial cells via lipid rafts. 96(6) 1286-1295 Jae-Sung Yi, Ji-Yeon Lee, Sung-Gil Chi, Ji-Hyun Kim, Sang Gyu Park, Sunghoon Kim, Young-Gyu Ko Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 20051215
Integration Core Inactivation of organellar glutamyl- and seryl-tRNA synthetases leads to developmental arrest of chloroplasts and mitochondria in higher plants. 280(44) 37098-37106 Yu-Kyung Kim, Jae-Yong Lee, Hye Sun Cho, Sang Sook Lee, Hyun Jung Ha, Sunghoon Kim, Doil Choi, Hyun-Sook Pai The Journal of Biological Chemistry 20051104
Integration Core Functional expansion of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and their interacting factors: new perspectives on housekeepers. 30(10) 569-574 Sang Gyu Park, Karla L. Ewalt, Sunghoon Kim Trends in Biochemical Sciences 20051030
Integration Core Accumulation of the authentic parkin substrate aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase cofactor, p38/JTV-1, leads to catecholaminergic cell death. 25(35) 7968-7978 Han Seok Ko, Rainer von Coelln, Sathya R. Sriram, Seong Who Kim, Kenny K. K. Chung, Olga Pletnikova, Juan Troncoso, Brett Johnson, Roya Saffary, Eyleen L. Goh, Hongjun Song, Bum-Joon Park, Min Jung Kim, Sunghoon Kim, Valina L. Dawson, Ted M. Dawson The Journal of Neuroscience 20050831
Integration Core Deoxyribosyl analogues of methionyl and isoleucyl sulfamate adenylates as inhibitors of methionyl-tRNA and isoleucyl-tRNA synthetases. 15(14) 3389-3393 Sung Eun Kim, Su Yeon Kim, Sunghoon Kim, Taehee Kang, Jeewoo Lee Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 20050715
Integration Core Human lysyl-tRNA synthetase is secreted to trigger proinflammatory response. 102(18) 6356-6361 Sang Gyu Park, Hye Jin Kim, You Hong Min, Eung-Chil Choi, Young Kee Shin, Bum-Joon Park, Sang Won Lee, Sunghoon Kim Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20050503
Integration Core The novel cytokine p43 stimulates dermal fibroblast proliferation and wound repair. 166(2) 387-398 Sang Gyu Park, Hyosook Shin, Young Kee Shin, Yeonsook Lee, Eung-Chil Choi, Bum-Joon Park, Sunghoon Kim American Journal of Pathology 20050201
Integration Core The haploinsufficient tumor suppressor p18 upregulates p53 via interactions with ATM/ATR. 120(2) 209-221 Bum-Joon Park, Jin Wook Kang, Sang Won Lee, So-Jung Choi, Young Kee Shin, Young Ha Ahn, Yun Hee Choi, Dongho Choi, Kwang Soo Lee, Sunghoon Kim Cell 20050128


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