Category Subject Vol.(No.) Pages Authors Journal Year
Integration Core Cell-based analysis of pairwise interactions between the components of the multi-tRNA synthetase complex in press . Kong JW et al. The FASEB Journal 20200601
Integration Core Hierarchical network between the components of the multi-tRNA synthetase complex: implications for complex formation. 281(50) 38663-38667 Jung Min Han, Min Ji Lee, Sang Gyu Park, Sun Hee Lee, Ehud Razin, Eung-Chil Choi, Sunghoon Kim The Journal of Biological Chemistry 20061215
Integration Core Design and synthesis of quinolinones as methionyl-tRNA synthetase inhibitors. 14(21) 7154-7159 Farhanullah, Su Yeon Kim, Eun-Jeong Yoon, Eung-Chil Choi, Sunghoon Kim, Taehee Kang, Farhana Samrin, Sadhna Purie, Jeewoo Lee Bioorganic & Medical Chemistry 20061101
Integration Core Hormonal activity of AIMP1/p43 for glucose homeostasis. 103(40) 14913-14918 Sang Gyu Park, Young Sun Kang, Jin Young Kim, Chang Seok Lee, Young Gyu Ko, Woo Je Lee, Ki-Up Lee, Young Il Yeom, Sunghoon Kim Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20061003
Integration Core Pharmacophore-based virtual screening: the discovery of novel methionyl-tRNA synthetase inhibitors. 16(18) 4898-4907 Su Yeon Kim, Yeon-Sook Lee, Taehee Kang, Sunghoon Kimb, Jeewoo Lee Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 20060915
Integration Core Do aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases have biological functions other than in protein biosynthesis? 58(9) 556-558 Sang Gyu Park, Sunghoon Kim IUBMB Life 20060901
Integration Core AIMP3 haploinsufficiency disrupts oncogene-induced p53 activation and genomic stability. 66(14) 6913-6918 Bum-Joon Park, Young Sun Oh, Seung Yong Park, So Jung Choi, Cornelia Rudolph, Brigitte Schlegelberger, Sunghoon Kim Cancer Research 20060715
Integration Core Antitumor activity of the novel human cytokine AIMP1 in an in vivo tumor model. 21(2) 213-217 Yeon-Sook Lee, Jung Min Han, Taehee Kang, Young In Park, Hwan Mook Kim, Sunghoon Kim Molecules and Cells 20060430
Integration Core Structural separation of different extracellular activities in aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multi-functional protein, p43/AIMP1. 342(1) 113-118 Jung Min Han, Sang Gyu Park, Yeonsook Lee, Sunghoon Kim Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 20060331
Integration Core The novel cytokine p43 induces IL-12 production in macrophages via NF-kappaB activation, leading to enhanced IFN-gamma production in CD4+ T cells. 176(1) 256-264 Eugene Kim, Seung Hyun Kim, Sunghoon Kim, Tae Sung Kim The Journal of Immunology 2006
Integration Core Multi-functional proteins in tumorigenesis: Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and translational components. 3(4) 233-247 Sang Won Lee, Young Sun Kang, Sunghoon Kim Current Proteomics 2006


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